Shirt and Pants Color Combination

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Shirt and Pants Color Combination

Most men wear shirt-pants outfits either because of their office’s business casual style policy or simply because of their style preferences. Whatever the reason you may have for wearing classic shirts and pants, if you want to get great style results, there are some elements to consider when you are wearing a shirt with a pair of pants. Today you can get shirts and pants from far away anywhere, both online and online. While we all know the big brands and stores, there are also many smaller places where you can buy shirts and pants. We have few tips which we are going to share with you.

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Try neutral colours

Get to know your “neutrals”. When in doubt, use a neutral color to give you endless options for the second piece. For example, a pair of khaki pants will go with any color you are wearing in a shirt. But don’t stick to just a neutral! Learn several neutral colors, such as the less frequently used olive green, light brown, light blue, navy, khaki, white, black, beige, and cream.

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Basics of Matching Colors

At its very core, water can be watered by simply matching the colors with your clothes. You must master it before you can achieve any other feat with your clothes. To start out, you must match the colored shirt and pants. For example, if you have a green shirt, you can mix it by wearing green pants. Please keep in mind that this must be the exact color. If your shirt is olive green, then your pants should be the same. Matching two different colors, even if they are in the same common color group, is a guaranteed failure.

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Learn from famous people

The art of matching is much easier when you have a Role model. Someone who’s always seen in public with a killer ensemble. It could be Idris Elba or Ryan Gosling on the red carpet, Bruno Mars when he performs on live television, or Roger Federer when he appears on watch ads. They are the masters from whom you want to learn. They offer what works every time (or at least their stylists never fail to make the right call, but that’s beside the point). Take inspiration from them – but don’t copy every little detail. Your personality still needs to pop out.

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Avoid mixing patterns

Plaid and Polka Dots? Whale Patterns and Stripes? This may sound like a great idea at first – but if there’s too much going on in your outfit, you can bet that other people will get it too. Instead, avoid mixing patterns until you get accustomed to matching normally. As you get more advanced in similar colors, you may find it more comfortable – but for now, start with the basics.

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The Fabrics Matter

As you well know, different types of tops and bottoms are made of different types of clothes. You will want to make sure that you match them properly. The main types of fabrics are denim, wool, cotton, khaki and linen. This may sound great to remember, but it is important that you know which clothes can play well with others, and which ones do not. For starters, you have khakis (some people call them chinos, but they are essentially the same). Khakis are a “safe cloth” because you can mix them with a lot, and it will still work. Any denim, wool or cotton top with a nice pair of khaki pants will work perfectly fine. If you are worried about the wrong clothes mix and want to play it safe, then the khaki combo is your best bet.

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