Best Handbag Brands India

alt="best handbag brands india"Best Handbag Brands India

Keeping in mind the latest trends and style, ladies’ handbags occupy the most defining aspect of any woman’s accessory. With dressing and makeup, they play an important role in personal grooming. From leather to plastic and fiber to fabric, different materials are used to design them. The market for women’s handbags in India is huge with a wide price tag. Many women’s brand handbags are available with retailers. We have shortlisted these top ten bestselling ladies handbags in India according to their cost, quality, utility and reliability.


alt="best handbag brands india"Hidesign Handbags

Hidesign handbags are a luxury brand not only in India, but also internationally. Their flagship store is one of the largest concept stores in India, founded by a luxury brand. The company was founded in the year 1978 by Dilip Kapoor and is based in Puducherry. These handbags come to market with multi-cultural designs of classic styles with contemporary edges. They not only make handbags, but also men’s bags, travel bags, laptop bags, duffel bags, wheels, cross-bodies and briefcases. Also, other items including belts, purses, purses, card and passport holders, and other small leather goods.


alt="best handbag brands india"Lavie

Coming from the parent company Bagzone Lifestyle, Lavie aims to provide vibrant colorful chic bags to Gen Y women who are independent, bold and chirpy! From clutches to sling bags, Lavie has everything for modern women. Launched in 2010, Lavie has reached many women in a very short period due to its excellent design and attractive colors. Surf through their website and you are sure to have these beautiful handbags.


alt="best handbag brands india"Kara

It is a Delhi-based manufacturer, which debuted in 2009. They have specialty stores in New Delhi and tie-ups with many retail owners across India. They offer different types of handbags for different occasions and individuals in different fields.


alt="best handbag brands india"Peperone Handbags

Peperone is one of the most sought-after fashion brands. The brand represents a blend of classic colorful luxury with a distinct new-age spirit. It comes in a specific combination of style, color and functionality. The latest products include vintage, 2D, 3D, prints, composite materials, snakeskin look, crocodile look, glossy, canvas, cotton, nylon, braided or metallic. It is a major design house of modern luxury. It offers crossbags, totes, shoulderbags, hobos, mini bags, clutch backpacks, travel bags, briefcases. It is available from all major online portals as well as shops and ecommerce through Peperone boutiques are located within all major department stores and distributor-operated stores.


alt="best handbag brands india"Baggit

Baggit is one of the leading brands with affordable prices. Founded in 1990, the brand is popular with teens and young women. Their uniquely designed purses, shoulder bags, and sling bags are not only trendy, but also reasonably priced starting at Rs. 800. If you are an animal lover, Baggit is the perfect place to shop for your bag as the brand does not sell leather products. Visit Myntra to shop online.



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